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Take Motherhood One Step at a Time


From trying to conceive to delivering your baby, I've got you covered. Get realistic tips to get pregnant naturally, sustain a natural pregnancy, and then give birth naturally.

New Mom

Here you'll find tips for postpartum recovery, breastfeeding encouragement, and new mom hacks to help you tackle this whole mommin' thing.

Marriage & Homemaking for Moms

Just what you ordered - Easy meal and snack ideas that are healthy, how to keep a house when you've got little ones, with a small side of marriage tips for new moms.

Prepare for Natural Birth in 2 Easy Sips

Natural Birth Course - $39

In the Birth It Up course you will:

  • crush birth fears
  • gain the confidence you need to have a natural birth
  • learn the basic anatomy stuff that no one tells you but you need to know
  • find a community of natural moms

Why only $39? Because course creator (L&D Nurse, Liesel Teen) cares more about women getting the birth education they need than her paycheck.

100% FREE Printable Bundle

The Natural Birth Mega Pack is 8 pages of free natural birth tips for new moms. It includes:

  • Our positive birth story
  • Natural birth cheat sheet (quick tips and reminders)
  • Birth plan template
  • Guide to essential oils during labor
  • 10 birth affirmation cards

Hi, I'm Kenzie!

I am a young wife and mom who is passionate about natural living, doing things the sustainable (hint* easy) way, and supporting new moms. Thank you for joining me for a sip of truth!

+ Wife to Aaron (married at 18)

+ Mama to one (became a mom at 21)

+ “Crunchy” Christ-follower

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