About Me

Hello, I’m Kenzie!

I am a young wife and mother who is passionate about living life alongside other women. Thank you for joining me for a chat over tea! I love to have friends and strangers alike over to my house for a cup of tea. In my experience, tea time always turns strangers into friends and friends into family. Is it too soon to say welcome to the family? Seriously though, please stick around and make yourself cozy here.

Kenzie, Writer at A Sip of TruthWhen my guest arrives for tea, I have her choose the mug of her liking from our expansive *read excessive* collection as I ramble off the many types of tea I have to offer. I then have her find a cozy spot on the couch and I work on our tea while she gets snuggled up with a soft throw blanket. We catch up while I prepare, small talk really, but once I get to my seat with both of our teas in hand- it’s on.

We share what God is doing in our life, ins and outs of our time since we saw each other last, things we are struggling with and of course helpful advice for each other if we’ve “been there, done that.”

Obviously, this blog will feel much different than tea times in my home because well- hello– you are behind your screen and I am behind mine. My desire is to create that atmosphere here in my little corner of the internet.

I will be sharing what God has done and is doing in my life, the ins and outs of my life right now, my struggles as I navigate the ever-changing seasons of being a wife and mother, and helpful advice for others.

I am so excited to learn from my readers, meet new people and share about my life as a young wife and mother seeking to live an abundant life in Christ. I hope you find encouragement and practical tips here as I share my life with you!

Much love, Kenzie

More about Me

My husband and I live in oh-so-beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We met in Colorado at a one-year adventure bible school (Timberline Lodge Bible School) and got married 6 months after our first date. After trying to conceive for 20 months, God allowed us to become pregnant naturally with our sweet daughter. It has been a season of growth for our family!

For as long as I can remember, I have desired to be a wife and mother. God has gifted me with everything I want or need. I love flowers, painting my nails, going for walks, watching Call the Midwife, listening to books on Audible, thrift shopping with my mama, experimenting with new recipes, and laughing.

Grab your favorite mug of something warm and read along to find encouraging, real and raw insight from a young wife and mom on A Sip of Truth.

“I blog one post at a time, I do life one step at a time, and of course I enjoy my tea one sip at a time.”

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