About Me

I’m June, the writer behind A Sip of Truth.

I was once a church leader, an almost missionary. I was all in.

Did I mention I grew up in the evangelical church, too?

I was there for The Left Behind series, I courted (I Kissed Dating Goodbye was the playbook), apologetics classes, Meet Me At The Flagpole, Adventures in Odyssey.

All of it.

My aim is to share my faith deconstruction journey, raw and real for those of you who are also on a deconstruction journey. I mostly want you to know that you are not alone.

These are thoughts and feelings and ponderings, not mandates or new dogmatic beliefs. I no longer speak from a position of leader or teacher or discipler, but one day, maybe friend.

I’ll share the books I’m reading, the topics I’m tackling, my rambling thoughts as I struggle to find my way in the dark.

One day soon, I’ll update this page with more about me. One day.

I blog one post at a time, I do life one step at a time, and of course, I enjoy my coffee one sip at a time.