33 Things to Buy for Postpartum that I Couldn’t Live Without

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“What did you buy for postpartum? I have a few things bought already but I’m interested in what you used, needed and couldn’t live without.”

This post is an in-depth guide to what I texted back to my inquiring friend.

Here are my all natural postpartum necessities for mom.

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Natural Postpartum Care Kit for New Moms

You’re getting so close to delivering that sweet baby of yours and you’re finishing up final tasks before birth. 

  • Pack hospital bag: DONE
  • Grab snacks to put in said hospital bag: DONE
  • Prep baby’s nursery: DONE
  • Buy things for postpartum care kit: PENDING

I have put together this list to help you finish preparing for baby’s arrival. You won’t want to be without these things! 

Seriously, postpartum recovery is no joke. You’ll want to have these things that are just for mom. (If you’re looking for things to buy for your baby’s first few weeks, go here.)

Let’s jump right in.

Natural Postpartum Care Kit Checklist

Placenta pills (from placenta encapsulation). The #1 regret of over 100 women in a survey was that they didn’t benefit from placenta encapsulation. DO IT! 

MomWasher Peri Bottle by Fridababy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I WANT ONE! Next baby, I’m definitely going to get myself one of these. Women around the globe are raving about how much better the MomWasher is than the standard peri bottle.

Depends or Always adult diapers. I packed these in my hospital bag and had plenty for when we returned home. Boy, am I glad I was told to stock up! These bad boys are comfortable and effortless to use. I chose to use these in spite of their non-organic-ness purely because of their ease of use. You only use them for the first few days so I can justify it.

Padsicles. Ahhh, padsicles. Prepare a handful of padsicles to use. You can head over here to learn how to make your own padsicles.

Mama cloth and/or non-toxic disposable maxi pads. Mama cloth is simply cloth pads. Cloth pads are so much more comfortable than disposable pads. They work just as well and save you money in the long run. Score! You can make them yourself (that’s what I did) or buy them. 

Mama Cloth brands to try:

Now, disposable pads have their place in this world, too. Make sure you pick a non-toxic option for your disposable pads – this stuff really matters!

A few great brands of non-toxic disposable pads:

Natural Witch Hazel Pads. These are great if you’re looking for a more natural option than Tucks Pads.

Earth Mama Perineal Spray. Stop what you’re doing and go buy this now. You’re going to thank me later. Heck, even your perineum will thank me later. Sooo much better for you than Dermaplast.

Clary sage essential oil. Clary sage helped me with after birth cramping (who knew that was a thing before birth? Not me!) and then later with postpartum periods. You can go here to learn more about clary sage and where to buy it.

Stool softener. Because poop happens… and after birth, it can be hard. (puns totally intended)

Prenatal vitamins. You should continue to take prenatal vitamins for a while after giving birth. Make sure you’re stocked up ahead of time.

Heating pad. I never wanted a heating pad after birth but I think that’s because I was hot all the time because it was the middle of summer. Many women find great relief by using heating pads – especially during afterbirth cramping that is triggered during a nursing session.

Postpartum belly band or bengkung belly binding wrap. Most of the time, I did not like wearing a postpartum belly band. I liked the support it gave but overall found it to be very uncomfortable. Next time around, I am going to try bengkung belly binding.

Sitz bath. I never got around to trying this but it is on my list for next time! This is the one that I’m going to buy.

AfterEase herbal supplement. This supplement eases after birth pains.

Arnica homeopathic medicine for pain relief. Arnica homeopathic medicine is sold in tablets, pellets, and creams.

Postpartum Necessities for Mom

Nursing bras that are comfy and you can sleep in. Kindred Bravely’s sleep bra is life. Seriously, it is so soft, so comfortable, and somehow still so supportive. Order at least 2 right now, okay? (I got by with just one but uhh… let’s just say it didn’t always smell the best.)

Big underwear. Get a pack of big ole panties that you don’t care about. You want them to be cotton, comfy and BIG with a flat waistband.

A nice robe. Treat yourself to a new robe that you look (and feel) presentable in. You will want to be able to throw something nice over your spit-up and/or milk-soaked clothes when you need to answer the door to receive a meal or grab your Amazon prime delivery.

Nursing friendly pajamas. Okay, so here was my blonde moment of postpartum assumptions. Before having a baby, I slept in whatever I wanted (or lack thereof). Well, once the baby came and I was up multiple times a night nursing in the living room, I quickly realized how annoying it was to try to find clothes to put on in the dark to go get my baby. Nursing friendly pajamas are a must! Unless you’re cosleeping because then you can just sleep topless.

Dry shampoo. Girl, you’re gonna need it. No shame – just stock up now! This stuff is amazing.

MommaStrong membership. This is an absolute necessity. I have come to realize that self-care through exercise is a must for me. I’m so glad that I found MommaStrong at only 9 weeks postpartum. Read more about MommaStrong on their website – oh and this is NOT an ad. They don’t allow any kind of salesy stuff.

Amazon Prime account. Do I really need to explain this one?

Things New Moms Need for Breastfeeding

Nursing light. With this light, you can have a little light while you nurse without having the light too bright to wake the baby up all the way during nighttime feedings. 

Audible subscription. Audible saved my brain as a new mom. I could feel my brain turning to mush after many, many nursing sessions on my phone or watching TV. Audible entertained me and helped me to use my brain again!  

A few good books. I found reading to be a great way to spend my time sitting under my baby. 

Snacks. Pack them in your hospital bag and have your pantry stocked. You’re gonna need them! My favorite breastfeeding snack was microwaved make-ahead muffins that I froze.

Water bottles. Breastfeeding makes you THIRSTY. Don’t underestimate the thirst you will be feeling later. Make sure you have water bottles in every room that you will be nursing in. We can be twins if you get this cute mama bear tumbler!

Organic nipple cream. Your nipples called. They want you to buy this in bulk.

Cloth nursing pads. I really loved Bamboobies reusable nursing pads. I recommend that you get two packs like this… or maybe get a pack of daytime pads and a pack of the overnight pads. Either way, the Bamboobies nursing pads are super soft and absorbent. 

BoobEase Soothing Nursing Pillow. Ahhh, yes these are so nice. Heat them up, cool them down. Apply to your engorged or otherwise uncomfortable breasts for relief.

Haakaa silicone manual pump and/or collection cup by Milkies. A little known fact to newbies: when you nurse, milk comes out of both boobs. Yeah. So, when you’re nursing on the right side the left side is leaking. You can absorb that milk into a nursing pad or you can collect it in a collection cup or silicone pump. The Haakaa can be a little bit clumsy for catching milk while nursing but it’s totally doable and worth it.

Breastmilk bags. Even if you don’t plan on full-on pumping, breastmilk storage bags are nice to have on hand for whatever you catch in your Haakaa or Milkies (look above). I linked to Lansinoh bags above but I personally used and loved the Walmart brand breastmilk bags.

Boppy Pillow (and don’t forget the waterproof cover and the cute top cover). I really liked using a Boppy pillow and found it to be very helpful in my early days as a nursing mom. Oh, and that waterproof cover saved me more than once!

So, there it is all of the things you need on your new mom postpartum checklist!

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