14 Pregnancy Announcement to Husband Ideas

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You’ve taken the test and it’s positive (YAY!)… or, at least, you suspect you’re pregnant.

What do you do now??

TELL YOUR HUSBAND! But, what’s a fun pregnancy announcement idea?

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You're pregnant (YAY!) or, at least, you suspect you're pregnant - you want to tell your husband but how? Here are 14 fun ways to reveal pregnancy to your husband. #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancy #impregnant

14 Ways to Announce You’re Pregnant to Your Husband

Whether you keep it simple, get creative or buy something special: I know he’s going to be thrilled. 

Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Put something the size of the baby (like a poppy seed, Skittle, etc) in his hand.
  2. Buy a custom onesie.
  3. Give him a pregnancy test in a gift box/basket.
  4. Make a homemade card.
  5. Tell him through a game.
  6. Give him a “dad gift.” (think #1 Dad mug, Dude You’re Gonna Be a Dad book, #DadBod t-shirt, etc)
  7. Have your kids tell him. (either with a shirt, a homemade card, etc)
  8. Leave the pregnancy test somewhere for him to find.
  9. Let your dog announce the pregnancy.
  10. Give him food or a treat. (“Mommy can’t be the only one getting a big belly.”)
  11. Put an eviction notice on his man cave.
  12. Tell him with a pregnancy t-shirt.
  14. Get extra creative… 3 more personal ideas.

Get the specifics on pulling off these ideas below.

1 Put something the size of the baby (like a poppy seed, Skittle, etc) in his hand.

Give him a poppy seed, lemon seed, Skittle, etc and tell him, “This is the size of our baby right now.” Bonus points if you capture his reaction on camera!

This is actually how we announced to my in-laws for our first pregnancy. 

2 Buy a custom onesie.

Buy a onesie (or have one on hand if you’re actively trying to conceive) that will tell him the big news. Here are a few cute onesies that will be meaningful for your guy:

3 Give him a pregnancy test in a gift box/basket.

This idea is perfect for announcing on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Father’s Day or on his birthday.

Tell him that you have a present for him to open. 

  • Fill a shoebox with the positive pregnancy test, a dad t-shirt, a #1 dad mug, and some treats that he likes.
  • Put baby shoes and the positive pregnancy test in a show box.
  • Tape a poppy seed on the inside of a jewelry box with a tiny message.
  • Fill a gift bag with newborn essentials (pacifier, bottle, etc), a onesie, and the pregnancy test.

One of my friends put the positive pregnancy test in a video game case that she had replaced the cover of to announce the news. What a fun idea!

4 Make a homemade card.

Make him a card with a poem, riddle, or simply an “I’m Pregnant!” written on it. Of course, you can tape the positive pregnancy test inside.

  • “You make me nauseous. Or is it the baby I’m carrying? Either way, I wanna barf and it’s your fault.” (see original)
  • “My boobs are about to get even more amazing.” (see it on Etsy)
  • “Hi daddy! I can’t wait to meet you. Expected to arrive: XX/XX/XXXX” (see it on Pinterest)

5 Tell him through a game.

  • Spell out the news in a game of Bananagrams.
  • DIY Heads Up (like I did – keep scrolling down, video included)
  • Make up your own phrase in a game of Speak Out or MadGab.
  • Blurt it out in a game of Scattegories. (“What did you all get for things that are round?” “Me in 9 months!”) I just made this up and now I totally want to use this idea.

I loved thinking of ideas like this to announce to my husband for the second time. Think of how you can put a spin on a game that your family likes to play.

6 Give him a “dad gift.”

He will love getting to use his new dad gear while eagerly awaiting the baby’s arrival. Here are a few ideas that I think are cute:

7 Have your kids tell him.

Let your children tell your husband that you’re pregnant.

  • Your older child could wear a shirt that gives away the big news.
  • The kids could make a card for dad that a new baby is coming.
  • Your kids could make a video for dad to watch.

8 Leave the pregnancy test somewhere for him to find.

This one is simple but still fun. But, a major disclaimer. I’ve heard from friends that their husbands didn’t notice the pregnancy test and ended up having to help their guy find the test to reveal the pregnancy. Make sure that you leave it somewhere very obvious. Like, on top of the coffee pot or by his phone on his nightstand.

9 Let your dog announce the pregnancy.

Put one of these cute bandanas on your pup to tell your husband that you’re pregnant.

10 Give him food or a treat.

Buy some of his favorite sweet treats (or jerky – men love jerky), a pizza, cupcakes, donuts, or whatever else you can think of. Write on the package, “mom can’t be the only one getting a big belly.”

Pinterest has some cute ideas for this pregnancy reveal:

11 Put an eviction notice.

Cross off the door to his man cave and write a sign like this Caution! Under Construction Sign pregnancy announcement.

12 Tell him with a pregnancy T-shirt.

Announce to your husband by wearing a pregnancy reveal shirt. 

Some great find on Etsy:


There is no shame in being so excited to tell your man that you just tell him flat-out. For so many, finding out you’re pregnant is such an overwhelmingly exciting thing that there isn’t any time for creativity or being cute with your announcement. Just tell him!

14 Get extra creative… plus 3 more personal ideas.

If you’re looking to have a very personal announcement, look at these ideas to get brainstorming for your own pregnancy announcement to husband.

Bonus Idea 1 – Baby Food Facebook Challenge announcement

Tell your husband that you saw a challenge on Facebook and you want to try it with him.

Blindfold him and feed him different flavors of baby food. Tell him to guess what flavors he is trying.

Then, ask him if in 9 months would he feed it to your baby.

Record the whole thing if you can!

Bonus Idea 2 – DIY ice cream bowl announcement

While you’re still trying to conceive, go to a paint your own pottery place and write your future announcement on the bottom of the bowl. When the time comes, give him ice cream (or whatever else) in the bowl you made.

Bonus Idea 3 – Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

Challenge your husband to a “Who Can Carve the Best Jack o’ Lantern” competition. Hide your pumpkin from him while you carve. Then, reveal your pregnancy announcement pumpkin.

Cute pumpkin pregnancy announcement to husband idea - Jack O' Lantern challenge to reveal pregnancy to husband. #pregnancyannouncement

How I Announced Pregnancy to My Husband

With my first pregnancy

We had been trying to conceive for nearly two years. I had suspicions that I was possibly pregnant (but had low expectations because I had gone through the two-week-wait ending in a negative test way too many times to be hopeful) so I took a test.

I looked and it was positive. There was nothing in me that could wait for a second longer to tell my husband. I ran into the bedroom absolutely balling my eyes out, woke him up, and shoved the pregnancy test in his face.

With our second pregnancy

My husband had told me that “it would be cool if he found out I was pregnant at the same time as the rest of the family.” So, that’s exactly what I did. We were celebrating my daughter’s first birthday as a family. I DIY’ed a game of charades/Heads Up. The cards were all related to the first year of a baby’s life. But, one card said, “Kenzie is pregnant!” on it.

I mixed the card into the deck so it would be random who got the card and revealed the big news. When the card appeared for the first time, it was as the timer beeped so I had to quickly reshuffle the card into the deck and hope that no one saw it. Then, it was revealed again and everyone just kept going with the game until my sister-in-law joking said, “oh, Kenzie’s pregnant?!” and I replied, “I am!”

The look on my husband’s face was absolutely priceless.

With our third pregnancy

I have no idea how I’ll announce when the time comes. In hindsight, it was not as fun as my husband thought to be told for the first time in front of everyone. Honestly, it will probably be a bawl-my-eyes-out and shove a test in his face kind of announcement because it will be a much-anticipated pregnancy after loss.

So, you're pregnant! YAY. Now, here are 14 fun and cute pregnancy announcement to husband ideas for you. Biggest tip: just tell him! #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancy #earlypregnancy
Cute holiday pregnancy announcement to husband ideas - pumpkin pregnancy reveal idea. #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancy

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