The Only Planner A Mom With Little Kids Needs /

The Only Planner a Mom with Little Kids Needs

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The Only Planner a Mom with Little Kids Needs

I have found a vast improvement in my productivity and mental clarity since I have started writing things down. (One of the steps to becoming more organized.) Planning out my day helps me to feel like I am managing my day vs. my day is managing me. This printable planner is perfect for moms with babies and young children. 

Why You Need a Planner

Planners help to gather your thoughts and, of course, the events of the day. And what mom doesn’t need help gathering her thoughts! The right planner can help you to form new habits and accomplish more each day.

Something that is really important to me is doing what’s important when it is an important. I want to be present with my daughter during her short wake times and I want to get things done during her naps. I also want to ensure that I am making it a priority to care for myself.

Laptops, phone apps, and Alexa have made our lives convenient but we should give using them for planning a second thought. Studies have shown there are cognitive benefits associated with writing things by hand. (Source)

After years of filling legal pads, a few years back, I decided to go digital, putting my life into a software application that promised to sync my tasks, notes, and calendar into one giant, color-coded system. Instead, it became a monster to feed—never there when I needed it but pestering me with incessant reminders of overdue tasks. So, I recently came crawling back to the analog fold, finding new religion with my Bullet Journal. Now, my mind feels sharper, my days more focused, and my stress lessened as I put the messiness of my life back into neatly lined pages. This led me to wonder—does something magical happen when we write stuff down? 

Bryan Goodwin,
The Only Planner You Will EVER Need As A Stay At Home Mom /

All About this Planner

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  • This planner is 7 x 9.25 inches and was designed with Happy Planner users in mind.
  • There are plenty of lines for you to write a manageable amount of items to do for the day.
  • Special nap time block so that you can prioritize what needs to be done during nap time.
  • Built in self care tracker and planner. Plan it so that it happens!

How is this printable different from other planners?

I have been a list maker for the last few years. I make lists every day! After my daughter was born, my need for lists and schedules has only increased. Once again, I have searched high and low for a planner that would fit my needs during this season and have been disappointed.

I always have a hard time picking a planner to buy. That is why I love making customized planners! With standard planners, there is always something that isn’t quite right for me. It could be that the design isn’t my taste, there are not enough lines provided, there are prompts that I don’t want, or it is lacking space for something that I need. I believe this is the only planner you need because it has been designed specifically with you in mind!

I am getting started with…

Legal pad lists are my love language but there comes a time when you need a true planner to hold all of your different schedules, trackers, and goals. Introducing, the Happy Planner Classic.

Click on the photo to buy this awesome Llama planner on Amazon. Click here to buy a Happy Planner kit.

I am so excited to get started with my Happy Planner! This blog has a compiled list of great Happy Planner printables. Happy Planners allow for almost everything to be customized, which I love. You can get creative with the many options of stickers and add-ons. Happy Planners are cool because you can add in pages that you need.

You will need cardstock paper to print on and this special punch.

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