Kick Pregnancy Nausea To The Curb Naturally - 6 Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Natural Morning Sickness Remedies to Treat Pregnancy Nausea

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Ah, morning sickness. My arch nemesis.

I would never wish morning sickness upon even my worst enemy. It totally blows. Friend, I am so sorry that you are feeling sick!

You’re on the hunt for remedies and I’ve got them.

Don’t worry – these tips are all-natural and easy at-home remedies.

Quick Note From Kenzie: I will be calling pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting ‘morning sickness’ throughout this post. I hope you know that I really do understand that it can last longer than just the morning!

How To Get Rid of Morning Sickness Naturally - Morning Sickness Remedies for the First Trimester - Foods for Morning Sickness

Kick Pregnancy Nausea To The Curb Naturally

Girl – I get it. You’re feeling so darn sick and all you want is for this morning sickness to go away.

You will try (and probably have already tried) anything that will help.

I, too, searched high and low for tips to get rid of morning sickness. (Which, by the way, can last all day long!)

Morning sickness knocked me on my butt for a solid 3 months. I don’t even remember the first three months of my first pregnancy because I was so out of it.

This list of tips is what worked for me.

That’s the crazy thing about morning sickness, relief from it is found in so many different ways. What works for one mama, will NOT work for another.

For example, I read over and over that Seabands work well for relieving morning sickness. So, I grabbed some puke bags for the car ride and hurried over to the CVS to buy myself a pair.

After I got in the car, I put the bands on and waited for that blessed relief. And I waited. And waited.

A few days later, I thought I had figured out why they weren’t working. I had never tried applying more pressure into the specific points on my wrists like the instructions say to do.

It was quite the scene. Me laying on the bathroom floor crying because I had just thrown up for the millionth time with the bands on… AND with bruises on my wrists from pressing WAY too hard.

Friend, do what works for you.

I am in no way a medical professional. The advice given on A Sip of Truth is only personal suggestion- consult your medical provider for any health concerns.

UPDATE 10/07/2019: Now that I’ve tried these tips for another pregnancy I can say my tips work! And even better, I picked up a few more tricks to help you keep your face off from that dreaded toilet seat.

Tip #1, Eat Every 1.5 Hours

I read countless times to eat small meals frequently- and I was! Nonetheless, I was still vomiting. But I learned that I was still not eating frequently enough and not small enough portions.

Chevah the Midwife explains why we have morning sickness and how to deal with it. Watch below or click here.

  • Always combine protein with a complex carbohydrate. (Example: cheese and crackers)
  • During pregnancy, hunger feels like sickness. The more hungry you are, the sicker you will feel. You won’t feel like eating but you HAVE to eat to fuel your body.
  • Keeping your blood sugar levels even is KEY!
  • Set a timer to eat every 1-1.5 hours. It seems ridiculous but it will help you so much!
  • Eat before you get out of bed. Eating even one cracker before you move will give you enough of a blood sugar boost to get up.
  • If you haven’t watched the video yet, stop now and go watch it. This video taught me the one thing that helped me the most!

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Tip #2, Food for Morning Sickness

Eat, eat, eat. As soon as you start feeling sick, EAT!

  • Middle of the night? Eat a granola bar that you keep on your bedside table.
  • You only ate 45 minutes ago? Eat again.
  • Nothing sounds appetizing but it has been 1.5 hours? Eat something bland that has carbs and fats.

This has been my greatest key to success in getting rid of morning sickness. Stay ahead of the sick feelings by eating as soon as you feel a little tinge of nausea. It really does help!!

Quick Tip: Eat slower. Stop when you think you need to. Tiny snacks and meals might be all that you can handle right now. I remember in my first pregnancy, I would have literally 4-5 bites of something and be done. If I ate past my new max fill line, it would all come back up.

Go-to food for morning sickness:

  • Kefir – try it in this Peach Mango Smoothie.
  • Greek yogurt
  • Sauerkraut in any way you can get it down.
  • Gin-Gin candies (you can also melt these into hot water and sip like tea.)

Tip #3, Stay Hydrated

Nothing is worse for nausea than dehydration. Consistently eating is important but staying hydrated is vital. If you can’t keep any liquids down, call your medical provider right away.

Drink plenty (ten 8oz glasses) of water every day.

Here are some ideas of other things to drink:

  • Fermented drinks like Kefir and kombucha. This was the biggest help to me during my second pregnancy. You wouldn’t guess that sour pungent drinks like kombucha would help with pregnancy nausea but it worked every time!
  • Trim Healthy Mama’s Good Girl Moonshine (or one of these tantalizing variations of the original) features both apple cider vinegar and ginger to kick nausea to the curb.
  • Ginger tea, or ground ginger in smoothies, is amazing for getting rid of nausea. (THM ginger trimmaccinos saved me during my second pregnancy – the protein, fats, and ginger in this drink soothed my tummy like no other.)
  • Coconut water (especially delicious in this natural electrolyte drink)
  • Pregnancy teas like this one
  • Peppermint tea naturally reduces nausea.
  • Chamomille tea soothes an upset tummy, calms an anxious heart and is very mild in flavor. So, it is one of my favorites for nausea.
  • Bone Broth is a very nourishing and healing thing to sip on. Bonus points if you buy organic!

Tip #4, Visualization For Morning Sickness Relief

Unfortunately, you most likely will not be able to truly get rid of morning sickness. Nature will just have to run its course. Hopefully, the tips I’ve given you so far will help you to get some relief. If nothing else seems to work, have hope. I know that this tip will help you tremendously!

  • When you’re feeling overwhelmed with nausea, visualize things in a different way. Imagine you are in a different place, doing something different and feeling better.
  • At first, this may be hard to do. But, with practice, you will find that you can actually relieve some of your discomfort with visualization techniques.
  • I used Psalm 23 as my guide. I would imagine myself lying down in soft cool grass by a stream. Then, I would reach over and watch the water run over my fingers. (I hope you’re still with me- I promise this isn’t voo-doo magic!) I would imagine how cool the water would feel. Then, I would visualize myself cupping some water and drinking the fresh stream water.
  • Find your imaginary quiet place. Look through the Psalms for inspiration!
  • Pray that God would give you a helpful image to hold onto.
How To Get Rid of Morning Sickness Naturally - Morning Sickness Remedies for the First Trimester - Foods for Morning Sickness - Verses for Pregnancy - Psalm 23

Tip #5, Essential Oils For Morning Sickness

Diffuse these oils when feeling nauseas. Even better, you put a drop on a pair of super cute diffuser earrings like these.

  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit (my personal favorite for pregnancy nausea)
  • Peppermint
  • Young Living Blend: DiGize

Read About Other Essential Oils For Nausea

Tip #6, Supplement with Doxylamine and Vitamin B6

My midwife recommended that I take these together when I couldn’t stop the cycle of vomiting. There were a few times that I couldn’t seem to “catch up” on hydration and eating enough before vomiting again. Taking doxylamine (I was recommended to take Unisom) and vitamin B6 together helps your body to take a break from vomiting and reset.

Crush Morning Sickness With These 5 Natural Tips, Cycle of Morning Sickness, dehydration /

To avoid drowsiness, she recommended that I take half a Unisom in the morning and the other half at night along with the vitamin B6.

** I never ended up needing this helpful aide during my second pregnancy. As soon as I would start feeling yucky, I would immediately eat or drink something. It worked like a charm!

So, what causes morning sickness?

Morning sickness is your body’s response to the super duper high amount of pregnancy hormones. So, basically, your body is freaking out- what do I do with all of these new hormones?!

Some say that we get sick because the high hormone levels have an effect on our basic blood sugar baseline. As you heard in Chevah’s video, she states that most of our nausea is related to the ups and downs of our blood sugar levels.

But the real burning question is…how do I make morning sickness go away for good?

According to Google, this is your main question! Look at all of these variations of the same question.

Crush Morning Sickness With These 5 Natural Tips, how do you get rid of morning sickness /

As I said earlier, you can’t truly get rid of morning sickness. You can treat morning sickness and decrease your nausea. But, you won’t be able to actually get rid of it.

Hopefully, your nausea will subside around 12 weeks as it does for most women. My morning sickness was the absolute worst at 11 weeks and it actually went away closer to 16 weeks. During my second pregnancy, it was on and off throughout each day until about 10 weeks.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum: When It’s More Than Just Morning Sickness

Hyperemesis Gravidarum, also called HG, is extreme, constant sickness during pregnancy. HG is different from typical morning sickness in pregnancy. I created this chart based on the American Pregnancy Association’s table as a guide to differentiate the two.

Morning Sickness Vs Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Crush Morning Sickness with These 5 Natural Tips /

Morning sickness can sometimes cause you to vomit. On the other hand, Hyperemesis Gravidarum causes severe, constant vomiting. With morning sickness, you can sometimes become a little dehydrated. HG’s constant vomiting leads to severe dehydration. Mamas with HG sometimes can’t even keep water down.

If you can relate to any of these symptoms, please contact your medical provider! HG is a serious condition that can require hospitalization.

Read more about Hyperemesis Gravidarum here.

Will my morning sickness hurt my baby?

Morning sickness will not hurt your baby! If anything, morning sickness can indicate that your pregnancy hormones are very strong… so, your baby is strong! Your baby will take everything that they need from your body.

On the other hand, Hyperemesis Gravidarum can be harmful to both you and baby. Contact your medical provider if the following are true for you.

  • Your morning sickness is still going strong in your 4th month of pregnancy.
  • Lost more than 2 pounds.
  • Vomit is brown or has blood in it.
  • You’re vomiting more than 3 times a day and can’t keep food or fluids down.
  • Definitely call if your heart is beating faster than usual.
  • If you’re tired, confused or dazed.
  • Signs of dehydration are present: no urination, dry mouth, cracked lips, no tears when crying, etc.

More resources on morning sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum here.

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Morning Sickness

Hear me loud and clear – sickness and all, you are enough. It is okay that you feel puny right now. Let me say it again! Sister, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

I cannot tell you how ashamed I felt for feeling so weak. Seriously, I felt worthless. I couldn’t do any of my normal tasks around the house, I was barely able to attend church and I definitely wasn’t a good employee at my current job. But, guess what?

I was still enough.

Mama, you are more than what you do. And, you are strong! In our go-go-go culture, it takes mighty strength to stop and rest. Ask God to give you His strength during this time.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

2 Corinthians 12:9-10

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How To Get Rid of Morning Sickness Naturally - Morning Sickness Remedies for the First Trimester - Foods for Morning Sickness
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How To Get Rid of Morning Sickness Naturally - Morning Sickness Remedies for the First Trimester - Foods for Morning Sickness
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