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46 Baby Products You Need For Your Newborn

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I too, looked high and low for an exhaustive list of baby products that I really needed for my baby.

Now that I have had a baby, I know exactly what was helpful to have.

The items on this list are no frills and affordable.

Read on to find out what you need for your baby! I have also included 7 must-haves for new mamas.

Before we jump in, I want to give a quick disclaimer.

This list is not an end all, be all list of the baby products that you need. Most likely, I forgot a thing or two. What can I say? I’m human.

If you purchase through one of my links, I will make a small commission (at no cost to you). But, you’ve got to know, I used each of these products and greatly valued having them during the first three months with our sweet daughter.

Baby Products For Feeding

  • Boppy
    • Boppy cover (I suggest having 2 covers for accidents. You won’t want to wait for the dirty one to come out of the wash!)
    • Boppy waterproof cover (Totally a must have! My waterproof cover saved my Boppy more than once.)
  • Bibs
    • These work well for catching spit up. Then, when baby is older, for drooling. Buy a bib, save an outfit!
  • Spit up cloths/prefolds
  • Hakaa breast pump
    • Fits easily in a diaper bag.
    • Catches leaking on one breast while nursing.
    • Helps release clogged ducts.
    • Creates comfortable suction.
  • Nursing cover
  • Grass drying rack for bottles and pump equipment
    • I didn’t think I would want one but I ended up being really glad that I bought one after we brought our daughter home.
  • Bottlebrush
    • SUPER helpful to have!
  • Breast pump
    • Check first if your insurance will cover the cost of your breast pump!
    • Spectras are the top brand of breast pumps- and for good reason. I love my Spectra S2!
    • Best feature: built-in light to see display screen.
  • Breastmilk storage bags
  • Bottles
    • Most new moms get Avent bottles as a free gift with their baby registry. Somehow we had 4 before our baby came!
    • Dr. Brown’s bottles are recommended for breastfed babies. Our daughter didn’t take a bottle very well, but using Dr. Brown’s really helped!

Baby Products For On The Go

  • Backpack diaper bag
    • We had a SkipHop diaper bag… it was fine and we did like it. BUT, it was annoying to use at times. Balancing a one strap bag, infant car seat, and really anything else at once is just a nightmare.
    • The backpack style diaper bags (like the one we have) are amazing! Super easy for carrying around during errands. Great storage capacity, too.
  • Stroller
    • My husband was right. The more expensive stroller was worth it!
    • We are so thankful that we got the Tre Active stroller. It was really nice to be able to easily click the infant car seat onto the stroller. (You can buy them as a set if you prefer) Now that our daughter is bigger, the stroller has a great 5-point harness to keep her safe.
    • Big wheels and shocks for a smooth ride.
    • Wheels come off extremely easily and the stroller folds completely flat for easy storage.
    • Direct quote from my husband as I’m writing this, “Oh, oh! Say it is a breeeeze to remove the wheels. Put that down!”
  • Solly baby wrap
    • The Solly wrap is soft, lightweight and easy to wash.
    • We used this wrap until our daughter got a little bigger. As she got heavier, it wasn’t as comfortable to use.
  • LilleBaby wrap
    • We use our LilleBaby carrier all the time. Totally worth the price!
    • Special low back support band that really helps prevent low back ouchies.
    • Many different positions are possible.
    • Can start using as an infant without any extra inserts/attachments.

Baby Products For The Car

  • Car mirror
    • Having a car mirror might seem frivolous but as first-time parents, it is really helpful.
    • I love being able to see our daughter in the car. It makes it easy to know if she has fallen asleep, if she dropped something, or if her headband is covering her eyes.
  • Car seat
    • The Chicco KeyFit 30 has easy installation and easy to use in general.
    • Comes apart easily for washing.
    • We will be buying this car seat for all of our kids- we love it!
    • The only thing we didn’t like about the Chicco Keyfit 30 is having to hold both sides of the arm to lower it.
    • Don’t forget that you can buy this car seat and our favorite stroller as a set!
  • Cold weather car seat cover
    • If you’re unsure that you need this, yes– yes, you do.
    • Keep baby warm and safe with one of these.

Baby Products For {Cloth} Diapering

  • Bumkin’s cloth wipes (2-3 packs, or so)
    • We have saved so much money making our own baby wipes.
    • One thing we have learned is the importance of a nice cloth wipe. Some wipes will grip on your baby’s skin, while others are simply too small- yikes!
    • These wipes are SO soft and are a great size!
  • Reusable wet bags
    • A must-have for earth-conscious mamas! Buy two so that you can use one while one is in the wash.
    • These wet bags are to be used as a diaper pail liner.
  • AlvaBaby cloth diapers
    • We thought we would like using prefolds and covers with our baby. Not the case! I was honestly too lazy for all of the folding.
    • Next, I thought we would want Rumparooz or another expensive brand of cloth diapers. Wrong again!
    • AlvaBaby diapers are our absolute favorite!
    • The snap design gives a better fit around the leg than other cloth diapers.
    • We have had ONE (as far as I can remember) poopy leak in 8 months. That’s pretty amazing for our poop-slposion prone child.
    • Learn from my mistakes! Try some different types of cloth diapers before stocking up.

Must-Read Baby Books

  • Tracy Hogg’s book, The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems
    • I am not much of a reader but I have read this book at least 1,462 times. This book is so helpful!
    • She offers a gentle (no cry-it-out) method of sleep training.
    • Her book focuses more on routine than on the clock. She gives you the tools to be more in tune with your baby.
    • The book includes breastfeeding help, baby/toddler emotions, baby temperament, sleep training, starting on solids and more!
  • Babywise books, Original and Newest
    • I ended up liking Tracy Hogg’s book more than the Babywise books because Tracy Hogg goes into better detail of baby routines.
    • She also covers more breastfeeding topics that I needed help with.
    • I still recommend buying the Babywise book for reference!
  • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
    • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is a must-have for any mom! Breastfeeding changes from baby to baby, so even experienced mothers can reap the benefits of this book.
    • During the first month or so, this book was always open on the couch for quick reference. Definitely a life (and nipple) saver!

Baby Products For Bath and Body

  • Hairbrush
  • Nose Frida and saline spray
    • Lifesaver- just don’t ever skimp on the filters. (Buy extra now!) That’s all I’ll say about that.
  • Burt’s Bees Original Bath Soap
  • Hooded Bath Towel
    • The description on Amazon said this towel is the softest baby towel- well, they do not lie! SO. SOFT.
    • Nice and big with great wrapability (that should totally be a real word!).
  • Braun Inner Ear Thermometer
    • Really accurate and easy to use.
  • Baby Motrin
    • Buy it now, you’ll thank yourself later. We did!
  • Earth Mama Lavender Baby Lotion
  • Zarbee’s Natural Gripe Water
    • Helps with tummy pain
  • White onesies (Get organic cotton– don’t worry though, Gerber keeps them affordable!
    • Mom hack: buy a pack for every size. Even if you end up receiving lots of hand-me-downs, you will always have shirts to go with any kind of bottoms.

Baby Products For Around The House

  • Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play
    • You will see these babies (no pun intended) on every one of these lists on Pinterest- and reasonably so! We loved our RNP and used it all the time.
    • IMPORTANT UPDATE 5/3/19: Rock ‘n Plays are now a recalled item. Sadly, RNPs have been used for [unsafe] sleeping and there have been far too many infant deaths due to continuing selling and using RNPs. My heart is heavy for the mamas who have lost their child because of misinformation about RNPs.
  • Baby monitor (this one is our absolute favorite, and we use a WyzeCam when traveling/at Grandma’s house)
    • This is another item we thought we didn’t need but we greatly have appreciated.
    • For us, being able to watch our baby is even more important than hearing her. We live in a small apartment so we can always hear her.
    • Being able to see her in her room was especially nice during sleep training in the early months.
  • Changing table
    • The minimalist side of us thought we didn’t need a changing table. Oh my, how we were wrong.
    • It is so convenient to have a changing table!!
    • Our changing table has saved our backs, has given us more storage room and has prevented diapering accidents happening on our bed.
  • Sound machine
  • Blackout curtains
    • Our baby sleeps more soundly and longer with blackout curtains.
  • Thieves Household Cleaner
    • There will be poop/pee/spit up/all-of-the-above accidents around the house and in the car seat. It is SO nice to have Thieves spray ready to go.
    • It deodorizes, disinfects and sanitizes.
    • Get a Young Living membership to save on your purchase!
  • Bumbo seat
    • We waited way too long to buy one of these! Your baby will love the freedom to sit alone as much as you will like the freedom to hav hands-free time.
  • Pack and Play
    • Our daughter slept in a Pack and Play in our room until she was 12 weeks old. Then, she moved into her big girl crib.
  • Crib (We really like the one we got!)

Favorite Toys For 0-3 Month Old Babies

  • Teething toys
  • Caterpillar car seat toy
    • “Mr. Caterpillar” was our baby’s first favorite toy. And she still loves her caterpillar!
    • Before she had hand control, she could hug the caterpillar and chew on the ends.

The Two “Absolutely Can’t Live Without” Items

  1. SwaddleMe velcro closure swaddlers
    • My daughter was a master escape artist with ANY swaddle… with the exception of these! If we didn’t use one of her SwaddleMe’s, it was guaranteed that she would wake up early and unhappy.
  2. Sprout Baby iPhone App
    • I used this app constantly until our baby was about 8 months old.
    • Everything you need is on this one app! Track feedings, solid food, development, medical history, milestones, and first memories, and medical symptoms.
    • You can also track pumping activity, sleep, diaper changes, and activity time.
    • The analytics on the app are really helpful, too!
Best iPhone App For New Moms: 46 Things You Need For Your Newborn / asipoftruth.com

Don’t Forget!

Since this list doesn’t cover every single item, you will need to jot down some other staples that you will need for a baby. Head over to The Bump for an awesome checklist!

A Few Things That We Did NOT Need/Use For The Baby

  • Baby fingernail clippers
    • We used adult fingernail clippers.
  • Emery boards
    • We use adult nail files.
  • Baby Bath Tub
    • Our daughter did fine lying flat in the tub/sink until she could sit up. We have a small apartment and didn’t want to have to store a bulky baby bath. The cost of getting a baby bathtub wasn’t worth it for us.
  • Small flannel receiving blankets
  • Humidifier
  • Night light
    • Babies are not afraid of the dark. If anything, they love sleeping in pitch black darkness!
  • Pacifiers
    • Our daughter refused pacis! I suggest buying 1 pack and test how it goes with your baby.

7 Must-Have Products For New Mamas

  1. Earth Mama’s Herbal Perineal Spray (formerly called
    New Mama Bottom Spray)
  2. Earth Mama’s Nipple Butter
  3. Disposable nursing pads
  4. Reusable nursing pads (Be sure to get waterproof backing!!)
    • Bamboobies (Get the Value Pack!)
      • Ultra-thins: truly thin and lightweight, smooth under clothing
      • Overnights: super soft and absorbent
    • Kindred Bravely (Very absorbent, can be seen under tight clothing)
  5. Kindred Bravely nursing bra
    • So worth the money! This bra is so incredibly soft, doesn’t stretch out quickly and holds your girls in place.
  6. Klorane Dry Shampoo (Paraben and Sulfate Free!)
    • This stuff WORKS! After using, it looks like I actually took a shower. Um, yes, please!
  7. Water Bottle
    • You will need to be drinking lots of water while confined to the couch nursing.
    • This bottle keeps things cold, is large and (my favorite) has 3 different lids to use. I love the lid that comes with a straw!

What Do You Really NEED For A Baby?

Okay, okay.

So, you’ve read my list of “must-have’s” and you’re still thinking that it is a lot of stuff.

For one thing, babies do need quite a bit of stuff. Secondly, all that your baby really needs is you!

Well, you and maybe a few other things!

The Bare Necessities

  • Diapers and wipes
  • Car seat, Chicco KeyFit 30
  • Formula (if not breastfeeding)
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • One receiving blanket (you can get that at the hospital)
  • Pack N Play for sleeping at night/naps

Comment below! What is your must-have baby product for the first 3 months?

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46 Baby Products You Need For Your Newborn / asipoftruth.com

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